Workforce Solutions Center Manager-III

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES Manager for a large size Workforce Solutions Center is responsible for the overall supervision of all the employment and training programs offered at the Workforce Solutions Center. Responsible for overseeing the budget, staff development, program quality assurance, systems and participant management, reporting, marketing and community relations, assuring that the programs are administered in accordance with the goals and objectives established by the Director of Operations. Supervises all Workforce and non-Workforce managed staff within the center. Coordinates program and personnel matters with designated entities such as, TWC, HHSC, etc. Reports to the Director of Operations assigned by the Director of Workforce Solutions System. EXAMPLES OF SPECIFIC WORK PERFORMED

  • Reviews and recommends all of the center’s budget expenditures for program services to the Director of Operations and Director of Workforce Solutions System.
  • Maintains the office by assuring that all staff and customers have appropriate supplies, equipment, labor market information, software, or other resources.
  • Assures that customers are provided with necessary information and services.
  • Facilitates the procurement of the necessary resources for the center and is the only authorized signatory to spend under the center budget.
  • Provides cross-training, supervision, and evaluates all staff. Makes recommendations to the Director of Operations and Director of Workforce Solutions System on disciplinary actions or merit commendations for staff.
  • Report all Workforce Solutions Center activities to the administration as requested.
  • Assures that customer feedback mechanisms are in place.
  • Develops customer satisfaction plan, benchmarks and compares these for continuous improvement.
  • Develops staff’s capacity to respond to service needs, recognize staff for notable customer satisfaction attainments.
  • Monitors customers and staff outcomes, and provides over-all leadership to assure that all customers receive competent, speedy service, and are able to make informed choices through information gained at the Workforce Center.
  • Responsible for meeting all goals and objectives established by the funding sources.
  • Responsible for the marketing of the Workforce Solutions Center services within the county.
  • Provides leadership on all public relations activities to assure that the Workforce Solutions Center is utilized as the central access point for employment and training services.
  • Responsible for overall inventory of center.
  • Responsible for maintaining and/or supervising the compilation of all reports assigned by the Director of Operations and Director of Workforce Solutions System.
  • EEO complaint taker.
  • Performs related duties as assigned.
GENERAL QUALIFICATION GUIDELINES Experience and Education: Minimum of high school diploma; prefer college degree in a related area. May be able to substitute two years of related program experience for every year of college, or 30 hours of academic courses for one year of college. Prefer a minimum of five years in direct managerial program experience; may substitute two years experience in related management experience for every one year of direct experience required. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Ability to communicate effectively in English and Spanish preferred; ability to follow verbal and written instructions; prefer ability to use word processor ( Word); must have strong interpersonal skills and ability to work with general public under stressful situations; must be able to maintain professional appearance and maintain confidentiality; ability to conduct oral and written communications effectively. Must be able to work well under pressure and meet deadlines; ability to communicate in a pleasant and professional manner in dealing with co-workers and the public; ability to be adaptable to constant change; must be an effective team leader. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS Will require in-region and out-region travel; will be required to attend workshops and training that will require overnight lodging and car pooling; must have current drivers license and proof of vehicle insurance for approved travel.

Planner EDA


Under the general direction of the Director of Planning & Operations, this position is responsible for the planning, development, and organization of the agency’s Economic Development Administration to plan and implement economic recovery strategies in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES ACT) It also has general responsibility for assuring that economic development functions are integrated and coordinated with the agency's other efforts to create jobs and provide a mechanism for guiding and coordinating the efforts of persons and organizations concerned with economic development.


EDA programs seek to expand local economic opportunities and focus on support for distressed communities, this position could involve any or all of the following tasks:

working with businesses and other employers to create situations that result in the expansion and creation of additional jobs in the area;

coordination and guidance with all local elected officials for the economic development activities in the region;

provide technical assistance to communities and organizations of the region in the preparation of federal and state economic development;

preparation and delivery of presentations to the region's civic clubs and organizations and private businesses to inform and enhance the image of MRGDC.


Bachelors degree in a relevant field and a minimum of three years’ professional level experience in public administration or planning.


Writing and public speaking skills, computer literacy, excellent interpersonal skills.


Will require in-region and out-of-region travel, may include foreign travel.

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