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Enroll today with Middle Rio Grande Development Council’s Child Care Provider Services and continue on the road to personal success while ensuring that your child receives quality child care, so that you can give them the world.

Contact the CCPS Team:
Marisa Cervantes
Director of CCPS

Who We Are:

CCPS provides services in the Middle Rio Grande region, which includes Dimmit, Edwards, Kinney, La Salle, Maverick, Real, Uvalde, Val Verde, and Zavala counties.

CCPS works with:
  • Parents to assist with child care needs so they can go to work or school and become self sufficient
  • Children to provide them with a safe and nourishing environment so they can grow to their full potential, be ready for school, and develop to be poductive members of society.
  • Child Care Providers to enhance the quality of their service.
  • Child Care Industry so that child care businesses can prosper and help build a strong local economy.
  • Caregivers so they can follow and forge a respectable and promising career in child care.
  • Employers to aid in employee reliability, produtivity, and the reduction of turnover by offering consistent and quality child care assistance to families.
  • Local Community to build partnership that are based on trust, service and spirit of collaboration.
How to Apply:

Contact our offices, located at your local Workforce Center, by phone at 1-800-888-9436, by fax, or in person. In making a decision about your child care services, we will ask you information about your:

    • Family,
    • Work,
    • School or Traning,
    • All sources of income and welfare,
    • Name and dates of birth of each child needing care,
    • And other information.
    • Below is the form needed for Prescreening for Child Care

CCPS pre screening info

CCPS Customer Flowchart

Qualifications for Service:

To qualify, parents must be:

  • Working at least 25 hours a week or more,
  • Meeting income limits,
  • Attending school, or
  • Participating in job training.
Choosing a Child Care Provider:

Parents choose the provider of their choice. Approximately 55 providers have signed agreements with CCPS. These providers are all licensed or registered with the state of Texas. Some providers with agreements with CCPS are “Texas Rising Stars,” providers who voluntarily participate in a program to improve their services beyond minimum licensing standards. Self-Arranged Child Care (SACC) is an option to placing your child with a provider who does not have an agreement signed with CCPS. Qualifying SACC providers can be grand-parents, great-grandparents, uncles, or aunts, older siblings of the children who are not living in the same household and must become registered to be a listed provider with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, and child care centers with no agreement with CCPS.

Quality Child Care Provider Indicator

Parental Responsibility:
  • Parents must help establish the paternity of their children if necessary and help obtain child support for their children.
  • Parents must not abuse alcohol or use, sell or posses any controlled substance or illegal drug.
  • Parents must report any changes in their status to CCPS within 10 calendar days.
  • Parents must sign , date, and submit all required forms according to deadlines.
  • CCPS case managers at your local workforce center can provide assistance with forms.

Parents must call their child care provider when the child will be absent. Children are only allowed 45 absences per year. Care is terminated if the child is absent five days in a row and the parent has failed to contact the provider.

Parent Fees:

Many families of the CCPS pay a portion of the cost of child care service, called a parent fee. Parents fees are paid in advance to the child care provider. Parents may lose their services if their fees are not paid on time.

Full Time:
  • 1 Child: 9% of family’s MGI (monthly gross income)
  • 2 or more: 11% of family’s MGI
Part Time:
  • 65% reduction of the usual fee.
Gross Monthly Income Eligiblity Code Chart for Child Care Provider Services


Monthly Income Limits
75% SMI 85% SMI
01 N/A $2,496
02 N/A $3,264
03 N/A $4,032
04 N/A $4,799
05 N/A $5,567
06 N/A $6,335
07 N/A $6,479
08 N/A $6,623
09 N/A $6,767
10 N/A $6,911
11 N/A $7,055
12 N/A $7,199
13 N/A $7,343
14 N/A $7,487
15 N/A $7,631

Source: Middle Rio Grande Workforce Board Child Contractor Manual

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